Ric Robinson



Hotwalls Studios

Ongoing since 2016


King's Theatre Gallery

September 2015


PHAS Summer Exhibitions 

July 2008

August 2009


Portsmouth Open 2008

October 2008 - January 2009


Solo show

Lodge Arts Centre

March 16th - 28th 2009


Pressing Matters

September 7th - 30th 2009



May 3rd - 30th 2011


SDC end of year show





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All art, I believe, is the attempt by the artist to create and express meaning from the internal dialogue they have with the world around them. My work thus revolves around my sense of place and belonging, and occupies the littoral space between expression and representation.


In 2016 I became a founder member of the Fire Monkey Arts Collective based in the new Hotwalls Studio complex in old Portsmouth. Sharing a studio with other local artists has been a fantastic learning experience and my style continues to develop. It has no specific (limiting) direction or programme but is subject to the constraints of translating my internal dialogue into a meaningful expression. I have a concept. I want to take the million thoughts that go rushing through my mind and find a place for them.



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